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Welcome to our blog--where we post all sorts of fun things, from recent weather reports and backpacking stories in the news to notes on our adventures, thoughts on the past and future.  You get the idea.  It's a blog, and we've been doing it now for about ten years. 


If you are interested, it is possible to read every post we've ever written...should you think that's a good idea.


Once we decided that Google was a ridiculous way to host our site, we moved every one of more than a thousand pages of content over to this site, including all of our old blog posts.  You can find them by scrolling down below.  For the early years they are clumped together by date--but you should also be able to search by topic, if you are interested.  Or you can start reading here, live, in living color and Sierravision.


Hope you enjoy it all. 

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