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Destinations by State Highway 

Recommended Hikes By State Highway

In the sections below, we've divided up the Sierra by state highway---from Lassen and Highway 89 in the North, down to SEKI and Higway 168 and the deserts beyond them.  Each sections has a quite a few backpacking trips that we've enjoyed, and there are also some nice day hikes as well. 


As usual, at this point we'll just invite you to explore!


A: Lassen and Highway 89 North of Tahoe


B: Highway 80 and Donner Pass


C: Highway 50, Tahoe, and Echo Summit


D: Highway 88/Carson Pass


E: Highway 4/Ebbetts Pass


F: Highway 108/Sonora Pass


G: Northern Yosemite: Highway 120/Tioga Pass/Tuolumne Meadows/Hetch-hetchy


H: Southern Yosemite: Highways 140 and 41, Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point and more


I: Highway 168/Kings Canyon and Sequoia


J: Highway 395 the East Side

K: The southern deserts--178 and 190

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