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Isn't Backpacking Hard?

Whenever we tell people that we love backpacking, we are amazed at the reactions we get.  Those reactions seem to fall into four basic categories: 


            1.     OMG—You must be SO strong and fit.  I could never do that.


            2.     OMG—Don’t you have to sleep on the ground and get dirty?!?!?!


            3.     OMG—Isn’t  it scary?  What do you do about bears/snakes/mountain lions, tigers and bears, OH MY!


            4.     And from fellow backpackers—How wonderful!  Let’s share stories of the wonderful places that we’ve seen. 


I don’t think that we need to talk much about #4—those are some of the most enjoyable conversations of our lives. 


But the other three require some basic responses, just to clarify the issues here.  Short answer?  Nope.  We're not that special...we just like to backpack and have figured out how to do it without too much pain.  That's M at right after four days on the trail, and still feeling pretty good!


Want to know how?  Read on, by clicking on the subpage links below:  


OMG--you must be so strong and fit!


OMG--don't have you to sleep on the ground and get dirty?


OMG--Isn't it scary?

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