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Here are the basics about backpacking in the Sierra Nevada. 


In this section you’ll find some simple and general  information about backpacking and how to do it. 


And If you don’t find the kind of detail you want here, please check out some of the other sections of our website, that really have more in-depth treatments of the same topics:

Dangers on the Trail: What most people worry about.  What you SHOULD worry about.


Finding Your Way: The solution to Getting Lost: Staying Found


Food and Water The basic needs of life.

Life on the Trail: How we live--and your mileage may vary


Campsites:  Looking for the perfect home away from home.

Permits and Processes: Rules and regulations, and how to navigate them.

Weight and Why It Matters: Yep--you, too, will want to buy a postage scale!


Your Clothes: Keeping warm and keeping dry.

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