It's a long story.  We initially built our website on Google sites because they allowed us to load our photos directly from Picasa, which Google owns.  Then, a few years later, they changed Picasa to Google photos and we had to re-enter every single link on our website.  That was a mess.  

Then last year Google notified us that they would no longer support our Google website.  We had to move it over to the new Google website platform.  We spent weeks (much of it during this Covid19 pandemic) doing that.  But despite hours spent with both Google and Go-Daddy, we somehow could never get our url to work right.  That was EXTREMELY frustrating. 

So now we are on  Seems to work fine.  And we've moved just about every one of more than a thousand pages of content over to this new site.  Including all of our old blog posts.  You can find them by scrolling down below.  They are clumped together by date--but you should also be able to search by topic, if you are interested.  And in the meantime, we've started posting again, live, in living color and Sierravision from April 22 forward.  Hallelujah, we're back on-line! 


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