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What is the Camino Primitivo?

This is the original pilgrims' route to visit the remains of St. James (Santiago) in Galicia. Alfonso II first walked this route back in the 9th century, and it is considerably less traveled now than the more popular Camino Frances over the Pyrenees.

That's Alfonso himself, above.

It starts in the ancient town of Oviedo (some start it on the coast, but we will take it from Oviedo) and hikes over mountains and through small towns until we join the Camino Frances and its thousands of pilgrims in Melide.

At that point, the last 30 miles or so, it's going to be a different experience!

The total miles we'll hike is something over 200 and should take us around two weeks, if all goes according to plan. Ahem.

Here's a link to more background on the Camino Primitivo:,had%20been%20discovered%20in%20Compostela.

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