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We've Been Out of Town

And in a big way--five weeks in Europe, cruising on the Rhine, Gironde, Seine, Saone, and Rhone rivers, all part of a Grand France wine cruise put together by Brian Murphy of Expedia Cruises. It was memorable, mainly fun, and a lot of work, as I was in charge of the wine program for all five weeks: fifteen tastings/seminars, fifteen wine and food pairing dinners, and five different wine tasting receptions.

And while that does seem like a lot of work, we also saw some amazing sights, from the ridiculous--this marzipan display window:

To the sublime: the basilica of Ste, Therese of Liseiux:

Many thanks to my co-hosts on the ships: winemaker Barbara Frank, Ray Isle of Food and Wine Magazine, journalist Sara Schneider, and Master Sommeliers Tim Gaiser, and Scott Harper MS.

And a huge thank you to AMA Waterways, who managed the whole damn thing with amazing style.

If you want the photo highlights, click this link:

And click here if you want the entire photo log, more than 1000 photos:

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