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Tamarack Fire Restoration Project

Andy Lovell of the Alpine Trails Association sent us this information about a major new restoration project in the Tahoe Area affected by the 2021 Tamarack Fire. We are posting it here, because it should be of interest to anyone involved in trail work and volunteering in the local wildernesses. It involves major elements of fuel reduction, reforestation, and revegetation. For the full document, including maps, images, tables and charts, use this link:

Scoping Document Tamarack Restoration Project CARSON RANGER DISTRICT HUMBOLDT-TOIYABE NATIONAL FOREST Alpine County, California COMMENTS WELCOME The Forest Service welcomes your comments on the Tamarack Restoration Project, located on the Carson Ranger District of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. This project would focus on the restoration of priority areas within the area burned by the 2021 Tamarack Fire. The project is located within Alpine County, California, near the town of Markleeville. Figure 1 is a vicinity map of the project area. The District has tentatively determined that this proposed activity may be categorically excluded from further analysis and documentation in an environmental assessment (EA) or environmental impact statement (EIS) [36 CFR 220]. A proposed action may be categorically excluded only if there are no extraordinary circumstances related to the proposed action and the proposed action is within a category listed in section 32.1 or 32.2 of FHS 1909.1. This proposed action falls within 36 CFR 220.4(e)(6). BACKGROUND The Tamarack fire was ignited on July 4, 2021, by a lightning strike in the nearby Mokelumne Wilderness. The wildfire eventually burned nearly 70,000 acres across Alpine County, California, and Douglas County, Nevada. Table 1 is a description of the acres burned in the Tamarack fire. The Tamarack fire was declared 100 percent contained on October 25, 2021.

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