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Storms in California -- Updated

We posted this yesterday evening:

We've had a few people ask about the big storms hitting California. The good news for us is that those storms seem to be fiercest further south. In Napa we've had something between 2 and 4 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. that's a lot, but it's not catastrophic. Even when you add in the previous storm, it's only about 5-7 inches over the past week. They've put out flood advisories, but only for the low lying areas that flood every winter.

Up at our cabin, at 3,800 feet below Yosemite, it's been 2 inches of rain, and no snow with this storm. The last one left a couple of inches of snow...but that's gone now. 

California has consistently struggled with drought over the past decade or more. These storms, at the very least, will help us get through the coming summer. And we send our thoughts to those in Southern California who are suffering the brunt of this weather.

UPDATE: today there are 240,000 people without power in the San Francisco Bay Area alone, and more than 300,000 more in the rest of the state. Again, our house in Napa is fine, but many others in Napa do not have power. Our cabin lost power sometime in the night, and this morning we got a call that it had been restored. And these are minor concerns compared to people where flooding has damaged their homes. We are grateful none of that has happened in Napa.

And we should add: Another big storm is on the way.

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