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Open and Shut cases

The good news is that most counties in California have opened their hiking trails during this phase of the Covid19 crisis. That means we can get out and hike in the outdoors, and we have been doing exactly that. Even trailheads in the National Forests are now opened.

But no wilderness permits are being issued. The concern there is for emergency personnel. Those fine people need to be available to help out in the health crisis, and apparently there is a concern that backpackers and other back country users might demand SAR service at a time when those services are on high demand.

Of course, right now this isn't much of an issue because despite our meager 39% snowpack, most of the High Sierra is under a blanket of the white stuff. But in another month that will change, and we're hopeful that the regulations might adapt as well.

In the meantime, we're hiking around our town, taking a few photos, and even seeing a bit of local wildlife on the trail...including this crazy line of eight squirrels feeding in a row.

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