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Once more into the breach!

Yep. On Tuesday I joined forced with a group from CSERC--Link here--to do some restoration and infracstructure repair on Deer Creek, near the South Fork of the Stanislaus River. Seven volunteers joined three USFS employees to rebuild key fences protecting this area from overuse.

We hammered in metal fence posts and bolted them to the damaged wooden posts. We threaded wire along the wooden fences to protect them from miscreants with chain saws, and we took existing brush and downed trees and used them to block off use trails and non-approved detours.

We worked hard--driving in those posts is no walk in the park--but we also really enjoyed working with each other, sharing stories, and cooperating on the usual technical puzzles on a project like this. The USFS folks announced that they were happy with the results, and we were happy to help.

And our lunchtime break was particularly improved by a local who was driving by, and stopped to thank us for the work we were doing. All in all, a nice way to spend a day and do some good.

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