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Old-Timers sharing their stories

One of the really wonderful benefits to doing volunteer work up in the Desolation Wilderness is the opportunity to chat with people. And in this case, people whose families have visited the area for a century, and who can share wonderful bits of information.

That certainly happened at the Twin Lakes trailhead. We met the grand-daughter of one of the original cabin builders at Wright's Lake, and learned from her that the woman for whom Maud Lake is named was actually named Maude. She's still trying to get the spelling changed.

That, and stories about the early days, and the families who have come here for three generations or more. One woman was bitterly disappointed that someone had tossed out her sourdough starter...something she had treasured and maintained for more than fifty years. Happily, another local cabin owner had been using the same starter for even longer, and offered to share some with her to replace the loss.

What fun.

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