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New Eyes

It had been a while since I last had my eyes checked, and not that the COVID restrictions are easing up---and I am vaccinated--I thought it was about time.

Turns out my eyes aren't that much worse than before, so I just needed minor adjustments in the prescription. But this also gave me a chance to get new frames. The old ones were a bit large, and they had a nasty habit of dropping out a lens when the weather got really cold. That's not generally an issue around the house, but it is when you wake up in the morning and the temperature outside the sleeping bag is below freezing.

So I took a look at what they had to offer, and picked out a nice clean design that was just a little smaller, so that my cheaper "slides over everything" sunglasses would fit even better.

Turns out the frames I chose are titanium. So, ultralight. Perfect for backpacking. I can already feel the micrograms.

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