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Nature's Lighted Art

Has anyone else seen the “Green Comet?

It returns every 50,000 years, so if you miss it this time, you’re SOL. I’ve managed to spot it with binoculars from my house in downtown Napa, but it was quiet dim. Unimpressive, if it weren’t for the idea of the thing. If I had access to darker skies I’m sure it would be better, but with clouds coming in the next couple of days, maybe that’s as good as I will get.

This is a time where those dark Sierra skies would really be nice–as would those warmer summer temps! And by the way, astrophotography is one of the great inflators of expectations. What you see through an astrocamera with a time-lapse exposure ain’t what you’re gonna see with your naked eye.

Still, it's cool to see a visitor from far, far away that began its journey long ago.

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