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Local Hikes

We did a bit of exploring recently, wandering around Angels Camp and the New Melones Reservoir area. This isn't far from our cabin, and we've always wanted to know a little more about it.

Besides, the spring weather has been positively gorgeous, and it seemed a crime to sit inside on such beautiful days.

Angels Camp has an impressive pile of mine machinery in the city park--along with a sad statute of Mark Twain--that makes you understand at least some of the scale of the mining operations in this area. The stuff is massive.

That's the Serbian Orthodox Church in the background.

And then on to New Melones, where we hiked in the Tuttletown recreation area...leaving the trail to hike down to the water's edge. It is impressive to think that when these reservoirs are full, this spot would be under at least one hundred feet of water. My, but we need rain!

That's M, hiking under the sea...the trees in the background are roughly where the water line is when the lake is full.

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