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En Route

For this trip I decided to fly in and out of Santaigo de Compostela, the ending point for all the various versions of the Camino de Santiago, which means I could buy a round trip ticket SFO to Santiago and back. I fly SFO to DFW to Madrid to Santiago, which should be a long, long couple of days.

Once in Santiago I'll spend the night there, then take a bus to Oviedo the next day and spend the night there. I'll have one full day in Oviedo--as my daughter will arrive there that following evening from Geneva. And from there, we start hiking.

In Oviedo we'll have to collect our Camino passports, which not only track our progress via stamps along the way, but also serve to permit entry into the hostals on the route. We're not planning on those every night--we'll stay in hotels as well, where it works and we feel like it--but they are always an option, and usually quite inexpensive.

If all goes according to plan (fingers crossed) we'll get into Santiago and the I can fly out back to Madrid, LAX, and finally back to SFO.

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