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Desolation Mysteries

No, these have nothing to do with my murder mysteries--these are just odd stories that happened on our last trip.

The first mystery: as noted in our previous post, is that we found a bear can in the bushes not thirty feet from our own bear cans. There were no other campsites nearby, nor had we seen anyone in the area--although we had been out working on trails and campsites, so we certainly weren't always around.

But what to do? The bear can may have been left for a re-supply, but a quick inspection of the contents showed one breakfast, three dinners, and some trash. Not what you would consider re-supply elements. Had it been abandoned? If so, we should haul it out of there. But the can and contents were probably worth $100. Who would just leave it behind?

In the end, we decided that someone had left it and planned to return...but we also decided to check again in about a week. If it's still there, we're going to pull it out.

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