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Day Four

We've decided we really need to improve our hydration. With the humidity here, we've been dripping with sweat, and each afternoon has required a recovery period. Today we're taking more water, drinking more water, and using some electrolytes as well. This is a trial run for a couple of longer days ahead. The weather today began with light fog--where else do you see the trail is dry except under trees, where the condensation is falling like rain?

My rain pants, worthless in the warm weather, now form a water barrier between my soaked back and backpack and the clothes inside. Good idea.

Today's hike began with a climb of 1500 feet, followed by rolling hills with an occasional steep bit. We're running into some of the same people now, so we had a morning snack in a bar with six hikers we'd met before. A short snack turned into a longer conversation with hikers from Spain France, the UK, and us.

The view from our posada window.

We stopped today in Tineo, another 20 km day, and made it in time for lunch, a shower, and a siesta. The next couple of days are more complicated, with far fewer places to eat or buy food, so we'll have to plan ahead and carry some food and water, which means more weight.

But we're holding up well. Feet are good, legs seem strong, and we're getting along famously. And we're roughly 1/4 of the way to Santiago.

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