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Big Storms on the way

We cut short our trip through the Southwest because of the big storm this week. What first got our attention was the fact that it was going to be 16 degrees and snowing at the Grand Canyon. That was the day we were supposed to be hiking one of the trails down into the canyon--but those conditions would mean that the top mile of the trail would be both snowy and icy. We've seen that movie before, and we didn't like it.

If you are going to slip on an icy trail, the rim of the Grand Canyon is not where you want to do that.

So we came home, stopped at our cabin to make sure it was winterized, and are now back in Napa, enjoying hot showers, warm beds, and trails that are not icy or steep. Meanwhile, Yosemite and the rest of the Sierra is going to get a refreshing dash of ice and snow.

We'll post a full trip report in a couple of days, but the photos here should be a bit of a teaser!

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