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Back home...and I had some adventures

I'm back from about three weeks traveling around the world, first in Spain, then Portugal, and then a long trip south to Cape Town, South Africa. I had wonderful food, great wines (go figure!) and in every country I had at least one adventure on foot that is worth a blog post. So I'll be posting those here in the coming days.

Sevilla, Spain, was a visit to my sister and her family. She's lived there for fifty years, and just wandering around the old Barrio de Santa Cruz where she lives is a joy, even though it's completely overrun with tourists.

The visit to Porto, Portugal, was for a wine cruise on the Douro River. Porto has been named the most popular city for tourism in Europe, and we loved it and the cruise, even though it seemed like everyone we met there was either a tourist or a tour guide--except for our dear friends Nuno and Claudia, who not only fed us two magnificent dinners, but also gave us the local perspective.

And Cape Town is magic. We'd been there once before, back in 2019, and this time I was there to speak at a conference on Wine Tourism in Stellenbosch, which is stunning. That left me some free time to eat amazing food, meet wonderful people, and even take a hike. What fun.

Most in future posts.

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