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Stay Safe!

It's going to be a slow start to the backpacking season, with all that snow in the Sierra. Don't make the mistake of thinking otherwise. And here is a note from the USFS about high water--the single biggest killer in the Sierra Nevada:

Hydrologic Outlook National Weather Service Las Vegas NV 1216 PM PDT Thu Apr 6 2023

...Water levels rising on creeks and streams in Inyo County...

Snowmelt in the southern Sierra Nevada of Inyo will start to accelerate with the onset of warmer temperatures. Creeks, streams and rivers will beginning experiencing higher flows that will likely continue for weeks.

As creeks swell, some campgrounds will be at risk of flooding. Roads used to access campgrounds and hiking trailheads will also be at risk of flooding. Remember, never drive through flooded roadways or around barricades. Pastureland or farmland adjacent to creeks,

streams and rivers could experience areas of flooding and a prolonged period of standing water.

For further information on Inyo National Forecast Campgrounds go to:

Due to their swift currents and very cold water temperatures, creeks and streams pose life-threatening dangers. Extra caution should be exercised as exhaustion or unconsciousness from hypothermia could set in quickly. Always wear a properly fitted life jacket for all water activities.

For further information on cold water go to:

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