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Recycling at its Best

About ten years ago our old car camping tent finally gave up the ghost, and we bought a very nice Kelty tent, complete with standind headroom for M. I still had to stoop a bit, but still, it was a big, roomy,. and solid tent.

And then a few years later, we bought our famous Le Vin Blanc, and took to camping in the van instead of the tent. The tent sat in a closet, waiting for adventures.

Last summer, I was helping on some trail work down by Yosemite when the crew leader and his wife pulled our the ancient and decrepit tent and started patching it with duct tape. It was a big job.

So when M and I started looking around the house for things to get rid of, that old tent came to mind. Turns out that the crew leader was, indeed, in the market for a new tent. And ours was looking for a new home. A perfect combination. And we'll deliver it at the next trail crew meeting, some time in April.

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