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New Year's resolutions

As you know, if you've read this blog over the past few years, we're not big on making resolutions at the beginning of a new year, or any other time. We figure that if it's important, we'll make the time and effort to get it done. If it's not important ...meh.

But one thing we do every January is fill out the paperwork and file the applications. We've already taken the online quiz and got our campfire permit for another year, so we're good to go there. And I've bought a fishing license for 2024, which is already carefully tucked into my backpacking fishing kit.

What we haven't done is made any reservations for backpacking permits. That's not because we think we won't be backpacking. It's because we're retired, and can go any time (or day) that we want--middle of the week, for example. So we leave the reservations for those who really need them, and are on a tight schedule. We know we'll be able to fit our trips more or less when we want.

The good news is that much of our planned travel for 2024 has fallen through, for one reason on the other. That means we should pretty much have the whole summer to enjoy the Sierra.

It's time to get out some maps!

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