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More Nuts

We have enough acorns to last us for most the winter, so we're exploring more uses for them. Over the years, M has played around with making nocino--that bitter Italian aperitif that goes by such commercial names as Averna, etc.

The secret to making this stuff is to start with something bitter (she's used green walnuts in the past) and then add Everclear hard alcohol, a few more herbs and spices, and then some simple syrup to balance out the bitterness. When it's all done, you add water to lighten it up, and you are good to go.

So now we are going to make some from the acorns--they're certainly bitter enough. Homespun nocino, with local products. And we went into two different liquor stores in Napa to buy the Everclear. The first store didn't have any, but the only other customer in the store knew about all about it, used it for lemoncello, and directed us to the second liquor store.

The second liquor store had it, but we had to wait a little bit for another customer to ask about it...because he was making another type of liqueur, and also needed Everclear. And he offered us a few suggestions...

Gotta love living in Wine Country.

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