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Life List? or Not?

These days, everyone is talking about their bucket list--that list of things they absolutely want to see/do/accomplish before they kick the bucket. We don't have a bucket list (the idea of doing something just to check it off a list isn't really appealing to us) but we do have a list of things that we would like to see and/or do next. And it has some wonderful and lovely adventures on it.

But we also have another list. That other list contains the things that we've decided just aren't worth the time or trouble. Bungee jumping is on that list. We're not going bungee jumping. Or climbing all seven summits of the seven continents. Nope---just doesn't seem to be the way we want to spend our time. No criticism is implied towards anyone who enjoys these activities, we've just decided they aren't for us.

We even have a name for this list. It's our Phuket list. Yeah, we know that this isn't the way you pronounce the name in Thailand. We're not in Thailand. And when we know that something just isn't going to happen for us, we place it our Phuket list.

What's on yours?

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