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It's a season for changes

Not only are the days getting shorter, but lots of changes in the high country. The aspen leaves are gone from golden to gone, and the snow that falls is not melting off any more. Roads are closing, first due to an occasional snow, then seasonally. Chowchilla Mountain Road is closed until spring, and Sonora and Tioga Passes have closed and then reopened. that won't happen much any more. The next big storm will probably close most of those roads for the season.

But that just means that lower elevations are better destinations. Mariposa Trials has come out with a great new map of hikes around the town of Mariposa and the South Fork of the Merced River. We've done quite a bit of trailwork and hiking in that area, and it's all below about 5,000 feet, so it should be accessible most of the winter. Here's a link to their website, which includes a nice video of what they do: Mariposa Trails.

Hope this season brings you some good times with family and friends, and a chance to get out and enjoy the colors and changes of the fall.

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