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Fire Restrictions in the Inyo National Forest!

BISHOP, Calif. – The Inyo National Forest and Bureau of Land Management Bishop Field Office will be implementing fire restrictions effective on all Federal lands under their jurisdiction starting Monday, June 6. Seasonal fire restrictions for the Eastern Sierra Region are being implemented in close coordination with other state and local county agencies.

“Due to dry conditions and high fire danger, it is necessary to implement these seasonal fire restrictions,” said Bureau of Land Management Field Manager Jeff Starosta. “We want to protect our visitors, communities, and natural resources from the risk of wildfire. Please do your part to help us minimize fire potential.”

The following restrictions will be in place on both agency lands:

  • No Campfires, briquette/charcoal barbeques, or stove fires are allowed outside of agency-provided fire rings or barbeques at designated developed recreation sites. Dispersed campfires such as rock rings, will no longer be allowed.

  • No Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or in an area at least three feet in diameter barren of all flammable materials.

  • No welding or operating acetylene or other torch with open flame.

Additionally, on Bureau of Land Management lands only:

  • No target shooting, except with a State of California hunting license and in accordance with California hunting regulations.

  • No motorized vehicles or tools powered by internal combustion engines off designated roads or trails (such as chainsaws or lawn mowers).

As always, possessing, discharging or using fireworks or pyrotechnic devices are prohibited across both Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands. Additionally, a valid California Campfire Permits is required whenever you operate a stove or fire on these public lands.

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