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Desert Southwest Part Three

Day Five

After breakfast in the hotel we drove what our BLM volunteer had told us was the 'worst paved road in America' out to Whitney Pocket. The road was bad, but not horrible. It was passable in any car, if you took it a bit slowly.

And at Whitney Pocket we met an older couple in an ATV who set us off in the right direction. We hiked, scrambled, wandered and explored Whitney Pocket for hours. Magical petroglyphs. Mystical rock formations. Perfect weather.

Had we known there was an outhouse at Whitney Pocket we would have camped here, but as it was we had reservations in Las Vegas at the Club Soleil--which was quite nice, and cheaper than our hotel in St. George.

After resting and cleaning up, we visited the nearby International Market, which had every possible food from planet Earth, a few of which we purchased, and then ate dimsum for dinner. All in all, it wasn't as nice as Parashant Grand Canyon National Monument, but after good food and a good night's sleep we didn't hate Vegas quite so much...

Day Six

We were up early and off to visit the new Ice Age Fossil Museum north of town. This is a nice small museum with a few hikes out in the desert Las Vegas Wash. We liked the cutouts of the Ice Age animals, and saw a striking snake along the trails, but the wind was howling.

After 90 minutes of that, I got on my phone and got a reservation for Red Rock Canyon and we drove there.  We ate lunch at the overlook, watching people's hair explode in the gusty winds. Then we hiked the Petroglyph Wall Trail and Ice Box Canyon Trail. 

We had reservations for the same area tomorrow, so didn't feel that we had to see it all in one day. We headed back to the hotel, where a bystander noted that our right front tire was visibly low. Yikes!

We took it a block and a half to the local Meinke shop who checked it out, found no leaks, and aired it up. Fingers crossed that it holds up for the rest of the trip. .  

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