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Day Two

A total of about 40 for this first two days...

We looked out the window this morning to see fog and rain. So we geared up for a wet day. The good news is that by the time we had dressed, packed, and snacked, the clouds had more or less cleared and left us with scattered clouds, some fog, and occasional sunshine.

The 4 miles into Grado were a charming walk along the river. Somewhere near yhe 12th Century bridge we hot off the hiking route, and just followed the road into Grado, where we ate a hefty breakfast of OJ and tortilla espanola.

From there we tried to visit a local palace, which turned out to been transforrmed into the local library, and then tok a few minutes to explore "downtown" Grado.

The weather continued to be warm and very humid, so the long climb out of Grado left us dripping in sweat. Happily, a local house in the route offered us lemonade for a small donation, and that revived us for the rest of the hike until Carnellaro.

The Roca Madre albergue is utterly charming--a blend of wonderful old farm buildings and a modern rustic aesthetic inside. And the hosts were warm and helpful.

A quick shower and a cold beer gave us a new perspective after a communal dinner, we'll head off to Salas in the morning.

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Jul 29, 2023

I couldn't imagine at first what you meant by "a total of 40" !! Good grief, I hope it's kilometers not miles!! Gorgeous photos. I'm so glad you are sharing your trip!

Jul 30, 2023
Replying to

Yep. 40 kilometers. We'll end up averaging about 20-25 per day

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