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Day Ten--big miles

We were off early today, with 30km looking at us. And we began with mist and a short climb. It was a bit chilly. But on top we were fine, and then it was off to the races.

Through rolling countryside with only a few small climbs, we marched along the Camino, cracking off more than 5 km per hour for six hours. Yup. Hardcore hiking.

There were only very small towns--only one offered anything to eat or drink--so we kept moving towards Lugo and our planned rest day.

As the miles went by and and the day wore on, we reminded each other to drink water, eat, and put on more sunscreen. And we kept marching along.

By the time we made it to Lugo we'd hiked 30km in just about six hours. We stopped in at the Cathedral to get our credentials stamped, and got a recommendation for lunch.

It was so good two other fellow pilgrims joined us halfway through. After dessert, we packed up and hiked another km to our luxury hotel for two day...and showers and a nap.

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