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Day One

We ate a big breakfast at the hotel, not knowing what expect on the road in terms of food. On this part of the Camino we needn't have worried.

About that.

What we did need to worry about was the humidity -- over 80% and temperatures above 80 F. as well. We hiked along at a little under three miles an hour, but absolutely dripping with sweat. There was water available along the route, and we drank a lot, but still arrived at our stop feeling as if we'd been through a wringer.

The scenery, though, was beautiful!

The stop at Villa Palatina was fun, friendly, and full of good food. And water. We hiked most of the day with Jennifer, a young woman from Texas whose pace matched our own. But we had a reservation and she didn't, which left her hiking onwards to find a place to stay, while we napped and drank water, more water.

Tomorrow? We'll see.

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