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Cooking in the wind

We've struggled, over the years, with making sure our little MSR Pocket Rocket camp stove is as efficient as possible. That way we don't have to carry more fuel than we need, and we can cook whatever and whenever we want.

But the wind is always a problem. We try to position the stove behind rocks or a downed tree, build a shield with our foam seat pads or backpacks, and even try to pick a campsite with less wind just for this reason.

All of that finally led me to get our a pair of tin snips and some aluminum flashing, and create a wind shield for the stove. And on this last trip, we used it often. Worked like a charm! We're delighted, although the fuel canister people may sell us less gas in the future...

Here are three photos that show how it works...and the whole thing fits into our "cook bag" nestle around the pot itself.

The base plate (with small flanges) fits around the neck of the canister.

The chimney then fits on top of that base plate.

And the pot sits inside that chimney.

All very tidy. And efficient!

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