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Buy this book, please!

We are delighted to announce that Val de Grace books is releasing the first book in my series of mystery novels set in the Sierra Nevada...and will release the next three in the coming months. They are available on and as of June 15, 2021.

Of course we think these books are loads of fun--but don't take our word for it:

“Danger: Falling Rocks” gives us a vibrant feel of the high Sierra, a charming new mystery hero, and an engaging, fast-moving mystery written with energy and a nice touch of wit. Paul Wagner’s love of the outdoors and his experience hiking and camping takes readers right into the mountains. The zippy writing keeps the story moving along the Sierra trails, through the lineup of interesting, quirky characters, and down the winding mystery path until the satisfying end. It’s a great summer read, whether or not you can find your way into the wilderness.”

-- Rick Kushman, best-selling NY Times author and co-host of Bottle Talk from Cap Radio in Sacramento

“It is an enjoyable read and reflects a lifestyle that not many people are blessed to lead. As a practitioner of this way of life and a pursuer of wilderness settings, this reading has my seal of approval.”

-- Chip Morrill, ex-US Forest Service Wilderness Ranger and White-Water Guide

“Paul Wagner is not only one of the great wine educators and wine story tellers in the world, now he is telling his stories in his new mystery novels. Can’t put the book down!!”

--Brian Murphy, President, Wine Cruise Club, Expedia Cruise Ship Centers

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