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Bear Attack!

We usually downplay these quite a lot, because they are generally overblown by the media and get way too much attention for the number of times they occur. But this video from Japan is different.

First of all, the man who posted it seems to have a very level-headed response to the whole thing. He even discourages media coverage from anyone who isn't from the mountainerring world. So he's not seeking attention, just as he wasn't seeking bears.

But I did love this line: "I always have a bear bell,but I mute it when descending rocks because it is noisy."

We never wear or carry a bear bell in the Sierra, for exactly this reason. And while we haven't worn one in grizzly country, we also make a lot of noise when we are hiking in grizzly country, for obvious reasons.

And yes, we have a ton of bear stories, which you can find on this website in the "fun" sction of the site:

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