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About those signs

It is a continual wonder to me that the officials in charge of our natural resources don't just thrw up their hands and throw us all off the bus. On our last hike around Pinecrest Lake we noticed two egregious examples of the strange things that people do.

The first was a sign beside the trail that read: "This is not a toilet." It was fully ten feet away from the trail, and within sight of at least three of the local cabins. Clearly, the sign was in response to hikers deciding to relieve themselves right beside the trail, and not more than thiry feet from the water--which is also the public water supply for Tuolumne County.


And there were these folks, moored tightly to the overflow outlet tower to the lake. I think you can read the sign on top of the tower, even from the dam, which is where this photo was taken. But they apparently couldn't read it from twenty feet away. Or they didn't care.

No wonder permits and trail quotas are getting more restrictive. .

What idiots.

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