Prepping for 2020

posted Dec 29, 2019, 8:18 AM by Paul Wagner
Yes, we know it's still 2019, but that hasn't stopped us from getting ready for next year. 

We've already got our CDF campfire permit, available on-line after you watch a video and take a short quiz.  You need one of these permits anytime you are going to have a fire outside your house--including a camp stove on a backpacking trip. 

And a fishing license is now on its way as well, direct from the California Wildlife website. (Be a little careful here, as there is an ad for CA fishing licenses at the top of most Google searches.  That's a private company that charges a few dollars more...)

And yes, we're also working on campground and backpacking reservations for a couple of our trips this summer. 

So not only are we prepared--we're really getting excited about our hiking plans for 2020!