More Fire News

posted Oct 13, 2017, 11:51 AM by Paul Wagner

We made it through another night last night.  But tonight they are concerned about high winds and very low humidity again, conditions expected to continue through Saturday evening.  The winds will be highest on the ridge tops.  No telling what that will bring. 

We're fine in our house in the downtown part of Napa.  The smoke is still quite thick in Napa, and the streets are pretty quiet.  No tourists, and even some of the local have left for greener or safer pastures.  We've taken a  carload of our most treasured items to M's father's house in the East Bay for safe keeping.  Calistoga remains completely evacuated, while in parts of Napa those evacuation orders may be lifted.  Others have already lost their homes.  Many businesses, including official offices, are closed due to the smoke.

And it all depends on the wind tonight.  None of these fires is more than 10% contained...

Thanks again for all who shared their thoughts and concerns.