Lots of Adventures

posted Jun 12, 2019, 3:55 PM by Paul Wagner
It's been a wild start to the year.  We spent a week in Death Valley, then a week in Vancouver, then two weeks in Arizona visiting Canyon de Chelly and Grand Canyon.  After that, it was ten days in Europe on the Rhone River thanks to Expedia Cruise Ship Center. and then two weeks in Southeast Asia courtesy of Crystal Cruises.

You'd think we would have been exhausted by all of that, but instead we jumped in Le Vin Blanc and headed back to the Southwest, to Zion and Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde and Hovenweep, Canyonlands and Natural Bridges--a total of 24 days and about 100 miles of day hikes, since we're still nursing M's sore heel.

So for the next few weeks we're going to hang around the house, get caught up on all the things we missed, and wait for the snow to melt in the Sierra.  Given how long we've been away, that should take us some time!

And just in case you think we're kidding about the snow, here is a photo we took a couple of days ago as we crossed over Sonora Pass.  There's still a lot of snow there.  This was taken at about 8500 feet...