Cafes in unlikely places

posted Jun 19, 2019, 7:28 AM by Paul Wagner
Since we live in the Napa Valley, and since P worked for 35 years in the wine industry, and M is a professional chef, we can be a little picky about where we eat on the road.  Which is why we remember those places that we like, even when they are not in anything close to a major culinary center.  OK.  So we sound like snobs. 

These are good places to eat:

24th Street Café in Bakersfield, CA--a classic diner that does it right. 

Roy's Café in Barstow, CA--healthy and honest Mexican food--delightful

The Ute Café in Cortez CO--huge and delicious breakfasts. 

The Capitol Reef Café in Torrey, Utah.  Both classy and homey at the same time, with great food.

And a quick nod to the restaurant at the Hopi Cultural Center in Second Mesa, AZ.  This place was full of locals, all eating classic local Hopi dishes.  Bring an appetite, the portions are huge.   

None of these are expensive.  And all of them offer really good food--just what you need after a few days on the trail, or on the road.