Bust Rock?

posted Aug 23, 2017, 12:03 PM by Paul Wagner
The last day hike we took out of Gianelli Cabin in the Emigrant Wilderness took us up the trail to Burst Rock.  According to the historical marker there, nobody knows exactly what rock is Burst Rock...and since at least one emigrant woman gave birth on the ridge, the theory is that perhaps "Burst Rock" is a corruption of Birth Rock.

Or maybe not.  As we explored this are last weekend, poking around both on and off trail, we discovered this really unusual rock formation right at the top of the ridge where the trail began to head down towards the trailhead, Pinecrest Lake, and civilization.  It would certainly have been noticed, and key marker along the trail to those who were looking for an identifiable landmark.  The thing is at last twelve feet tall.

And no, the rock is not burst.  But it sure looks like a sculptured bust.  We think Burst Rock is not a mispronunciation of Birth Rock...we think it's a mispronunciation of Bust Rock.  And we're going to do a little more research to see if we can't find more information on this...