Asking for Directions

posted Mar 13, 2016, 6:33 PM by Paul Wagner
It never hurts to ask. 

We couldn't help think about this on our hike to Sidewinder Canyon in Death Valley.  The ranger had warned us that the canyon was NOT one of the smaller canyons immediately visible from the parking lot, but was up at the head of the alluvial fan to the south.  And that's where we went.  And we saw amazing slots canyons.
Looking straight up ©

But we also saw a lot of people who hadn't asked for directions.  They were climbing all over the smaller canyons immediately visible in front of the parking lot.  And they were obviously not impressed with what they had found.  In fact, we met a couple of them back at their cars...and they were so disappointed that they had missed Sidewinder Canyon.

It never hurts to ask.

Besides, there's not telling what else you'll learn--or what stories you'll hear--when you talk to the rangers.  We always try to make time for a little conversation with them, if only to ask about a strange bug we've seen, wildlife we've spotted, or just share the fun of talking about people who don't ask for directions....and miss the fun.