Amazing Chile

posted Sep 6, 2018, 6:25 AM by Paul Wagner
P is just back from a week in Chile, where we was speaking at conferences and visiting some of the interesting wine areas of the country.  And he had a great time everywhere he went, from Santiago to the Valle de Maipo, to Valdivia, to Casablanca 

But he also noticed the stunning mountains, the Cordillera de los Andes, that dominate the eastern border of the country.  That's some beautiful scenery--and there must be some wonderful hikes.  Since his trip was quite successful, it looks like they will invite him back at the end of next year, which will be summer down there.  And we're already looking at destinations from the Atacama Desert in the North, to Torres del Payne in the South.  And Easter Island as well.  Why not? 

No matter where we go, we are sure that the wine will be delicious!

Here are a few photos from the web--since P didn't have the time to take any good ones himself:

Image result for villa rica volcano in winter

Villa Rica Volcano--this one P saw on the ride from the conference in Valdivia to the airport in Temuco.  There are two other volcanoes in the area as well, and some huge lakes to add charm to the region.  We're looking at national parks that might have some backpacking options here--about 500 miles south of Santiago.   It is wonderfully lush and green there. 

P was also invited to ride the famous teleferico in Santiago up to the top of the nearby mountain, where you can get a wonderful view of the city.  And on a clear day it looks like this:

Image result for andes from the teleferico in Santiago

The mountains in the background are not far from Aconcagua...the highest mountain in the Americas at over 22,000 feet.