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Winter Travel

We've been looking at some trips that we could take in the next couple of months. We're not big fans of backpacking in the snow, especially with short days and long nights, but we do like the desert. The trick is finding the dates that coincide with good weather.

eath Valley, for example, can actually be fairly cold, even in the winter. We encountered freezing temperatures on a backpacking trip there a few years ago, and it made life interesting. When the water in your water bottle freezes, it makes cooking breakfast all that more challenging!

So we're checking the weather reports, keeping an eye on our calendars, and hoping that we'll find a window when the two of them are in harmony. And we're looking at Death Valley, Joshua Tree (colder, because of it's higher elevations) and maybe even southern Arizona, if we have enough time to make the drive worth while.

Of course we'll post a trip report as soon as we get back...

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