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We're back in town

Thanks to my relationship with Expedia, we're just back from ten days in Europe, including a few with our daughter in Geneva. They invited me to join them on a cruise of the Danube, and offered to arrange things so that we could spend some time with delightful daughter number two.

So what did that kind of travel involve? Four COVID registrations, two COVID tests, two national health registrations (Switzerland and Germany) and of course and passports and vaccination cards to get from one country to the next. The Swiss actually issue a QR card to everyone, and it gets scanned every time you enter a they can track who's been exposed.

The good news is that despite the new wave that arose while we were there, we only had one day of total lock down (Austria). I guess that counts as a success. What a world.

In addition to the scenery noted above, we got our share of culture. Below is Mr. Rembrandt by his own hand. An astonishing portrait.

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