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Watch out!

If you remember, I had to buy a new watch a couple of years ago. I had been really happy with my solar powered Casio pathfinder, that included an altimeter, barometer, and all sorts of bells and whistles. And since it was solar powered, I figured it would be the last watch I would ever need...because I'd never even have to replace the battery.


Turns out those watches don't live forever. and I was faced with replacing mine. And since I am a cheap SOB, I wanted to spend as little money as possible. I ended up buying an SKMEI watch from China for well under $30. It was great! Light weight, easy to read dial, pedometer, alarms, stopwatch, timer, accurate altimeter--at least as far as watches go. I was delighted.

Until last week, when I pushed the button a night to light up the dial, and the watch reset everything to zero. Hmmm. Not good. I managed to reset everything accurately, and then promised myself I wouldn't ever press that night light button again.

But a few days later I noticed that the watch was no longer working as a pedometer, either. OK, now we were talking about some serious issues. And when the whole screen went dark one morning, I know it was time for action. I went online to price a new one, and found that they were still there on e-bay for roughly the same price. Good.

Still, in the back of my mind I was considering the fact that maybe all of this was simply the result of a low battery.

I think I mentioned that I am a cheap SOB. I took the back off the watch, and after a little fiddling, I figured out how to take out the battery. I replaced it and, voila!. Watch is good as new again.

And I am pleased as punch. I am a tight-fisted SOB, aren't I?

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