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More Yosemite bear news

It works!

2022 Total Bear Incidents: 11

2022 Total Property Damage: $597

Bear Incident Comparisons (Year to date - previous years compared to 2022)

Last year (2021) - Down 71%

Most Incidents (1998) - Down 97%

Bear Activity Summary: Bear activity has increased on the Yosemite Valley floor as raspberries, apples, and other fruit has come into season. July has been the busiest month of 2022 so far for bears with five reported incidents. Two incidents involved bears obtaining human food from backpackers who left their food canisters open and outside of arm’s reach. A bear got food from an open bear box in a campground and a sow got food from an unattended haul bag at Chapel Wall. Bears obtained human food an additional eight times from garbage left outside of bear-resistant dumpsters and trash cans in Yosemite Valley picnic areas.

How can you save a bear’s life? Keep any food, drinks, trash, and recycling stored properly or within arm’s-reach at all times. Never approach wildlife (maintain a distance of 50 yards from bears) and do not allow a bear to get your food. This includes daytime and nighttime as well as frontcountry and wilderness areas. In the backcountry, carry a portable bear-resistant food storage container and keep it closed and latched unless you are actively using it and it is within arm’s reach. Day hikers should keep packs on their backs or within arm’s reach throughout the day. While it is fine to watch bears from a distance of 50 yards, backpackers should yell aggressively to scare any bears away from backcountry campgrounds or dispersed campsites, or any time a bear approaches. In the frontcountry, never leave your food unattended even for a few moments. When you leave, trash must be placed inside a bear-resistant dumpster/trash can or be taken with you. If you see a bear in a picnic area, beach, or any other area of development yell aggressively at the bear.

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