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Dan Courwright is Back!

Just in time for the holiday season, the fourth book in my mysteries series set in the Sierra Nevada is out! Granite Gorge is a tribute to those who work in the wilderness and brings back Ranger Dan Courtwright and his best friend, Sheriff Cal Healey.

As the back cover notes: “There are five trails that lead down into the Granite Gorge of the Mokelumne Canyon, but none of them connect to each other. It seems as if there are five ways in, and no way out. But when Ranger Dan Courtwright offers to help restore some of those old trails, he discovers more than he expected. And is lucky to get out alive.”

As you've seen, the books have been getting some nice reviews: “Paul Wagner’s love of the outdoors and his experience hiking and camping takes readers right into the mountains. The zippy writing keeps the story moving along the Sierra trails, through the lineup of interesting, quirky characters, and down the winding mystery path until the satisfying end.”-- Rick Kushman, best-selling NY Times author and commentator for Capital Public Radio in Sacramento If your local bookstore doesn’t have it, the BookMine in Napa carries the whole series., as does the Mountain Bookstore in Sonora and tne Jessel Gallery in Napa. You can also find some at the gift shop at Calaveras Big Trees State Park, and lots of other places. You can always get them on Amazon, in either paperback or Kindle:

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