Sierra Wildflowers

Over the past few years, we've taken so many photos of wildflowers that we thought we'd try to put the best ones all in one place, and we'll add their names as M gets a chance to review this. 
We've put them here more or less in order of color spectrum, starting with the reds and ending with the purples...and then the whites at the very end.  Hope you enjoy this! 
Penstamens seems to decorate many natural rock gardens in the High Sierra.
 And these
 puff balls...
Great flowers.©
 more puff balls
 Thistles on the trail to Spooky Meadow.
Thistles near Thousand Island Lake
These seem to like moist locations at high altitude
 Indian Paintbrush
These are California poppies, during our hike to Hite Cove in the spring.
 Flowering shrubs above Barney Lake, Twin Lakes trailhead
 Blooms in the morning sun. ©
 Above Kennedy Meadows
Mule ears in full bloom.
 A wild and wonderful flower near Agnew Lake--which was very low and unattractive.  We'll have more photos of that from our way back down.
Odd bloom above Gem Lake near Rush Creek
Tiny flowers at 10,000 near Burro Pass
Lupine gone wild
Wild irises in the West Walker River Valley
Nice, huh?
Lovely blue blooms near Agnew Lake on the East side
A corn plant in Matterhorn Canyon
 A few flowers were blooming. ©
Flowers and fruit on the same plant
For M
  M's favorite...