P's watercolors

Enough people have asked about these that we thought we would just post a bunch of them for you all to see.  Enjoy!

Dewey Point, Yosemite

Karls Lake, Emigrant Wilderness

Seavey Pass, Yosemite

Cinko Lake, Hoover Wilderness

Furnace Creek, Death Valley

Woods Lake, Carson Pass

Natural Arch, Indian Canyon, Yosemite

Sunset, Boundary Lake, Yosemite

Sunset Cherry Creek Canyon, Emigrant Wilderness

Devil's Punchbowl, John Muir Wilderness

Lower Indian Lake, John Muir Wilderness

The Dardanelles at sunset, Carson-Iceberg Wilderness

Juniper near Granite Lake, Emigrant Wilderness

M hiking down Chilnualna Falls, Yosemite

Gen Lake, Emigrant Wilderness

Palisades Trail, Mt. St. Helena, Napa

Snow flurry, Hetch-hetchy, Yosemite

Upper Bucks Lake, Emigrant Wilderness

Juniper, Grouse Lake, Emigrant Wilderness

Juniper near Gem Lake, Desolation Wilderness

Lyons Lake, Desolation Wilderness

Ranger Lake and Mt. Silliman, SEKI

El Capitan, Yosemite

Trail work, Emigrant Wilderness

Juniper, PCT near Ebbetts Pass

Controlled burn, Yosemite Valley