Yosemite's Bears

posted Nov 20, 2015, 8:16 AM by Paul Wagner

And just at evening--an ursine visitor, backlit in the sun.©http://backpackthesierra.comWe have been outspoken on this site about the problem with people.  Yes, people.  Bears on their own don't cause problems.  Bears near stupid people cause lots of problems for everyone--including themselves.  The good news is that the public information campaign in Yosemite National Park is really working.  Here's what the story in today's SF Chronicle says:

"The black bears of Yosemite National Park are no longer waltzing into campsites, breaking into cars and scarfing tourist food with impunity under the majestic granite domes and soaring waterfalls.

"Hungry bruins were responsible for only 76 aggressive or destructive incidents in the park this year — the fewest since record-keeping began in 1975, Yosemite officials said Thursday. None of this year’s incidents involved injuries.

"That’s compared with some 1,600 bear-human incidents recorded in the peak year of 1998, a 95 percent decrease."

Want to read more about it?  Here's the link: